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The Presence of Risk

The Presence of Risk

🔔Just a little reminder….😁

There’s something very particular about life. And it’s called “the presence of risks.” 


🧃This ingredient of life shrouds itself in an aura which is usually very uncomfortable and unpleasant. 


🧃Or we can say…, this ingredient of life envelops itself in a fog of uncertainty. I’m so sure we all can relate to this.🥹


🧃But there’s good news…😊🙌


🧃As a service provider, experience has taught me ways to lessen the unpleasant feeling that comes with these uncertainties or perceived risks, as customers interact with my services.


🧃One of the lessons I’ve learned is that, when people don’t buy or request for our products or services we don’t have to take it personal. 


🧃This is just a subtle voice from them (potential customers) to us. And the message may be that there are some perceived risks attached to our products or services. 


🧃Some of these risks can be that:


🐪 They may be making the wrong decision by purchasing your product or service.


🐫 They may lose money.


🐪 They may not receive what they pay for.


🐫 They may not be satisfied or fulfilled, and then may not be able to get their money back.


🛟A guarantee, is that offer we make to our customers and potential customers, that takes away or reduces the perceived risk of purchasing our product or service. 


🧑‍🎤I don’t discard sales presentations, neither do I dismiss consultation processes, but in my opinion a solid guarantee policy will act as security for customers. 




🌋It can motivate potential customers to take the risk of buying our products or services, as opposed to just considering them.


🌋Being able to make use of a strong guarantee policy, draws attention to confidence in our products or services.


    🧭”Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.”

                            — Unknown

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