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Feedback is Worth Gathering


πŸ’ The awareness of feedback we get from our customers is of utmost importance. A channel that teaches us what is or is not important to the people we desire to influence.


🌺 It’s usually a confidence boost for our businesses or companies, when we know how much people value what we offer.☺️


🌻 The really think the challenge is to set up a system both to gather and evaluate feedback information – to be open and to listen to customers’ view.


🌹 Here are some simple ways we can gather feedback from our customers:


πŸ‡ Behavior and body language observation


πŸ‡ Complaints


πŸ‡ Verbal Comments


πŸ‡ Questions asked


πŸ‡ Recommendations


πŸ‡ Repeat business


πŸ‡ Conversation with customers


A list of what our customers value most about our business can be helpful toΒ 


🍎 our marketing messages, 


πŸ₯­ our brand,Β 


πŸ‰ our unique selling proposition,Β 


🍐 our customer commitment statement, 


πŸ“our list of attractive benefits,Β 


🍈our website, and even…


🍍our elevator pitch. 


🐬 “Remember…

“No matter how good your feedback is, you always start over with the next customer.”


Β  β€”Β  Β  Shep Hyken

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