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Are Your Customers Pulling Away?

Are Your Customers Pulling Away?

📪He pulled away, and I thought he needed space. So, I gave the room knowing it was the best thing to do at that point. 


📫The space kept getting larger and larger. We became so far apart until we couldn’t recognize ourselves anymore.😕 


📬The most obvious question popped: ‘how did we get here?’😭


📮If our customers are pulling away, there might be some deeper questions we need to ask or answer as far as our businesses and companies are concerned. 


🗳️In this age and time, it is very common to experience customers pulling away from the relationship they have with a business or company. 


💌For any relationship to last, there is need for depth, and so our business-customer relationship is no exception. 


🙌 But there’s hope for us as business men and women.🥳😊


🚶A customer that has pulled away is not a lost case; patiently do the needful and the relationship will be restored. 


👫Easier and less expensive it is to win a customer that has pulled away than to win a new customer. 


🪛In my experience we need to repair the bridge before it becomes damaged completely and beyond repair. 


 🕵️A brief diagnosis of why customers are pulling away from our businesses and companies:


💡Business lacks innovation.


💡Customers think competitor’s product is better than ours.


💡Customers may be unhappy with our price.


💡Our product or service doesn’t solve their problem.


💡Customers maybe unhappy with the way they are treated.


💡Customers think we maybe indifferent or insecure as a business or company.


   📮”…. and I pulled away to see if you cared enough to pull me back.”


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