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Word-of-Mouth Advertising is Free

Word-of-Mouth Advertising is Free

📢The news about their amazing performance became the talk of the city. Wow…!!!😲 Oh my goodness!😳 I’m speechless…!🫢Look at the excitement on the faces of the attendees as they share their thoughts and experiences.


💃🕺Interesting and really impressive; no one will ever forget this in a hurry. Forever memories!😁


📣 Everybody talked about them; people in restaurants, saunas, classrooms, at home, in offices, at playgrounds, in the streets, party grounds; any and everywhere you can imagine.


📢The viva voce is positive!👏😁


📣Word of mouth, also called viva voce, is the passing of information from person to person using oral communication.


📢It has been around for a long time and is very reliable. I agree with the notion that it’s the cheapest and the best marketing strategy one can ever think of.


📣 Truly it is a smooth and amazing way of getting business opportunities, clients, sales, customer loyalty, etc., most especially when the talk about us, our products or services is positive. 


📢The talkers may be our satisfied customers or people who have heard about others’ satisfaction with our products or services.


📣 Word-of-mouth marketing or advertising happens when we get known through conversations people have with each other; this results to referrals and recommendations.


📢Did you know that word-of-mouth advertising/marketing is free, builds up over time, can provide us with an ongoing supply of new business connections and customers, without us having to do anything at all?🤔


📣🤷Negative word of mouth can be likened to customers’ complaints.🤦🙎


📢Words travel really fast and far; especially if our company or business does something extraordinarily good or when something goes wrong with us, our products or services.


📣Here comes my challenge and your challenge.🏋️


📢As an individual, a business, a company or an institution, we need to continually serve at a level that will “wow” our existing customers, and build a level of trust and rapport.


📣Thereby, prompting those who use our products or services to remember and recommend us to others.


💡”Don’t build links, build relationships.”

            –Rand Fishkin 


🤗Let us hear your thoughts.

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