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Customer Complaints are Gifts

Customer Complaints are Gifts

😡With rage in his voice he shouted…, “I didn’t bargain for this!” Then he paused and spoke calmly but still looked very angry,… “I am not happy!!”


🙇I had the privilege to experience what is known as customer complaint. This has taught me an amazing lesson.😍


🙎Customer complaint is an expression of customer dissatisfaction. We all know as business men and women, it can be very easy to drive customers away if their complaints are ignored or handled badly.


🤷A complaint is a statement about expectations that have not been met. 


🎁But…, a complaint is a gift if we choose to see it that way.


🙎Our customers have two options when they feel dissatisfied: either talk about it, or just walk away.


🚶If they walk away, we no longer have the opportunity to solve the problem and might lose them.


🤦Some customers will not complain because: 

🫣they don’t want to bother you, 

🫣they don’t want to cause a fuss, 

🫣they don’t want confrontation,

🫣they simply don’t just know how to complain. 


🤷They will most likely express their complaints to other people (bad word of mouth advertising).😭


🤷One complaint can turn into negative marketing very quickly. Customers’ complaints will teach us more about our business. 


🙍When we put things right when customers complaint, some customer relationships will be strengthened.


🤷Complaints from customers can be one of the best forms of feedback.🤩


💆As a business, our challenge is to create an atmosphere that encourages customers to complain if they feel that their expectations have not been met.


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