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Answers Serve Questions

Answers Serve Questions

🧠Did you know that ‘answers, are at the mercy of questions?’ 


💡Answers serve questions. Better stated; asking the right questions, will fish out the right answers.


🤔 I actually think the hallmark of curiosity is the habit of asking questions. Not just asking questions, but asking the right questions.


🤗There is something about the “Why” question:


🍦 sets priority. 


🍦establishes value.


🍦determines timing (When).


🍦helps in the making of prudent decisions.


🍦influences “What” and “How” decisions.


🍦affects which resources to use.


🤔”Why” is my company’s product or service not gaining the desired interest from consumers or customers?


💸 Either they don’t have the money, or

⏰ they don’t have the time to listen to your pitch and understand your product or service, or

🫣they don’t want your product or service at all.


☕ In my opinion, if customers lack the money to buy what we’re selling, at the price we need to sell, then we don’t have a market.


☕ Also, if an audience doesn’t have the time to listen to and understand our pitch, then our business, product, or service will be treated as invisible.


☕ Process this with me… 

Let’s say an audience takes the time to hear our pitch, but decides they don’t want our product or service, we won’t go far as a business. 


👆🏾Do you agree?


🦋”Curiosity is the engine of achievement.”

             Ken Robinson


🐞Share your thoughts and experience about asking the “why” question for company or business growth.

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