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The Comfort Zone and the Safety Zone

The Comfort Zone and the Safety Zone

It was in the midst of a panel discussion. Just out of instinct I turned and looked at him, and I saw him staring at me with full attention.

🎒He muttered these words…

🤔” Do you know that the twin sister of the comfort zone is the safety zone?”

🎒Then he continued… 

🤔Do you know that most entrepreneurs assume that what makes them comfortable, also makes them safe? 

🤔Can you differentiate between your comfort zone and your safety zone?

😱With all shock, I asked him… Where are all these thoughts coming from?😱

🎒In this era, the rules have changed and there’s an obvious truth: the safety zone has changed but our comfort zone has not changed. 

🎒Then he concluded by saying…

“As entrepreneurs, our resistance to change is no longer helpful. We must be able to figure out how to realign our comfort zone with today’s new safety zone.”


What do you think about this whole idea of the comfort zone and the safety zone as an entrepreneur or a business owner?

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